The Blizzard x By Association

At By Association we tell football stories through the medium of audio. Since 2011, The Blizzard — The Football Quarterly, has told football stories through long form writing. They offer a platform for writers around the world to explore stories that matter to them, free from the constraints of mainstream media. 

But they also share their favourite pieces published in the magazine through The Blizzard Podcast. It’s like a weekly audiobook version of some of best football writing around. 

Our principles are very much in line so we’ve decided to team up.


By Association and The Blizzard are proud to present The Silenced Crowd, a podcast collaboration revisiting Richard Fitzpatrick’s excellent story— originally published in Issue 10 of The Blizzard and featured on Episode 40 of the podcast.

This time, The Silenced Crowd gets the By Association treatment, combining music and sound design to help tell the story. And it’s one that regular BA listeners will be familiar with, exploring a football match that involved Patrick O’Connell, who’s life and career we documented in Episode 05.

The Silenced Crowd examines the greatest scandal in British football in the first half of the twentieth century, as a group of players from two of the country’s greatest sides colluded to fix a match. Listen to the The Silenced Crowd

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