We're going seasonal

Hello dear listener,

Whether you've been with the show from the very beginning, found it somewhere in the middle or have only recently subscribed over the World Cup period, you've known By Association as a monthly instalment. But today, that changes. 

I initially chose monthly because it was the maximum output I could consistently meet. And aside from only a couple of months outstanding, I'm pretty proud to have kept the show going. I haven't done it alone though, as you the listener have been a huge support along the way. The past two and a half years have seen some great milestones too; two Australian Podcast Awards, a Webby Award Nomination, a feature on NPR, some wonderful media coverage and of course, some brilliant football stories. 

I don't want to lose that momentum or throw away everything I've built with this show. But I also don't want the quality of the podcast to suffer, as it becomes harder and harder to meet that monthly deadline. So I'm shifting focus and transitioning By Association to a seasonal show.

This is nothing new in the podcast world. Like your favourite TV shows, many podcasts take this direction which allows more time for planning, research and production, with a set release schedule to follow. And as a one person team, that flexibility is certainly something I need right now.

So here's what you need to know. By Association isn't going away, but I'll be taking the remainder of the year to produce a batch of new episodes, with the aim of launching Season 2 in early 2019. Every episode from January 2016 up to now will be known as 'Season 1', or 'legacy' episodes - the new season won't quite be 26 episodes long but I hope you'll continue to support what I do. And if you'd like to stay up to date during the hiatus, sign up to the newsletter.



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